Some amazing future tailors and designers trained by MDF!
We are an organization that aims to bridge inequality gaps by providing education and training, so as to create decent employment and better income. Furthermore, we know that to be productive and independent, people need to be physically and mentally healthy and fit.

We are working to change lives of Tanzanian communities and to alleviate poverty through our three pillars.

Vocational Skills and Entrepreneurship Support.

Beyond the unemployment gap, there persists skills and economic opportunity gap. To bridge these gaps, innovative practical skills trainings and practical job cantered are crucial. This is why MDF provides practical vocational skills and entrepreneurship centre for youths as we believe that young people learn better by designing and doing rather than by hearing.

Health and Nutrition

For poor Tanzanian youth to be productive and independent, they need to be healthier and mentally fit. Hence at MDF one of our priorities is on promoting health, nutrition and well-being by providing Clinical Health Services with low and affordable quality health services; such as Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and Nutrition Awareness. We are also designing and implementing agricultural projects that enhance food security, improve nutritional status and well-being.


After seeing the lack of quality primary education in Tanzania and absence of any education institutions for children that mainstream entrepreneurship curriculum in their schools, we decided Malengo Development Foundation had to take action. We work to establish private schools for children that integrate school curriculum with entrepreneurship programs and centres so as to give opportunities to more than 10,000 children to develop their ideas and practice, and develop their entrepreneurship path and be the better future entrepreneurs. MDF believes that mainstreaming entrepreneurship education and support holds a key to job creation not just through self-employment but as a small enterprise that educates and employs others.

Contact Us

Magadini Street
PO Box 672, Usa-River Arusha

We are a registered Non-Governmental Development Organisation (NGO) located in Usa River Arusha, Tanzania.

Our registration number is 00NGO/R/1660.

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